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What Causes Dandruff on Eyebrows and How To Get Rid of It

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Little flakes appearing on your eyebrows can be an embarrassing and frustrating experience. Most people know about dandruff in the hair and on the shoulders. However, a lot of people are surprised to realize that eyebrow dandruff is an issue too. Fortunately, taking on this issue is very possible with the right strategies and products.

What Exactly Is Eyebrow Dandruff?

Dandruff is a condition that causes flakes of skin to shed. The same condition, medically known as seborrheic dermatitis, can occur on the breastbones, nose, ears, scalp and eyebrows. The dandruff you experience on your eyebrows is the same condition that you may experience on your scalp.

The specific causes of dandruff are unknown. However, it occurs where the oil glands are most concentrated. Additionally, it tends to affect those who have oilier skin.

This condition is not the same as dry skin in other areas such as the hands or elbows. Therefore, tackling it can require very different strategies. There is more information on treatment below.

Who Gets Dandruff?

Eyebrow dandruff is not related to hygiene. Instead, much like scalp dandruff, it seems to be primarily affected by the type of hair on the brows. While you may not enjoy having eyebrow dandruff, you don’t have to worry about it being due to poor hygiene or unwashed eyebrows.

Instead, it appears that just about anyone can get eyebrow dandruff. Some of the factors are genetic and others are environmental. While some of the factors you are experiencing are likely within your control, some may not be. The good news is that even with genetic causes, you can take on dandruff using the right treatment products.

What Causes Eyebrow Dandruff?

As mentioned above, the exact mechanisms that cause dandruff are still unknown. However, there are several conditions that have been linked to a higher likelihood of experiencing dandruff. Understanding these is the starting point for effectively getting rid of the problem.

  • Genetic: Dandruff is more likely to affect people with oily skin. A significant portion of this is related to genetics and cannot easily be fixed. Similarly, the amount of yeast normally living on your skin can have an effect as well. These factors can be mitigated with some lifestyle changes but likely require other treatment as well.

  • Skin Conditions: Some skin conditions including acne, rosacea and psoriasis appear to be linked to dandruff. They may be worsening the problem, or they may simply have similar causes. In either case, effectively managing these conditions can help to lessen eyebrow dandruff.

  • Diet: Eating a lot of carbohydrates may cause dandruff to worsen. Additionally, foods and drinks that cause acne may also be culprits. These include sugary items and dairy products. Reducing these types of foods may help to reduce both acne and dandruff.

  • Stress: This is a big factor in dandruff for a lot of people. Stress can have negative impacts on your overall health including your skin health. It comes from feelings of having more demands than you have the capacity for. Learning to more effectively manage stress can be an effective way to diminish eyebrow dandruff.

  • Climate: The environment that you live and work in may also have an effect on dandruff. Cold and dry climates are especially associated with worsening the issue. However, other environmental problems such as air pollutants may also have an effect.

  • Overall Health and Other Conditions: Many other health-related problems can cause dandruff to become worse. This can include your overall health as well as conditions such as Parkinson’s, HUV, alcoholism, eating disorders, epilepsy and depression.

The causes of dandruff are complex and not fully understood. This can cause you to feel intimidating when trying to deal with the problem. Fortunately, you don’t have to despair. There are effective solutions for treating this problem.

How Can You Treat Eyebrow Dandruff?

The best thing you can do to address the problem is to resolve the underlying issues. Of course, this can be difficult to troubleshoot. Furthermore, there are some causes that are outside of your control.

Consider starting with the controllable stuff. Try to learn some stress management strategies such as prioritization, relaxation techniques and mindfulness. Even a small improvement in handling stress can result in serious improvements in dandruff and other issues.

Another factor that is relatively easy to improve is diet. Cutting down on sugary items and dairy can help significantly. This can take some discipline but is well worth the effort.

You may be able to improve some of the environmental factors by using a humidifier and avoiding overly cold circumstances. However, completely changing the climate you live in is impractical in most cases.

Many of the other health issues are less controllable. Consider speaking with a health professional for guidance on whether you can address any of the other causes of dandruff.

Fortunately, for these problems, using a dandruff-fighting product on your eyebrows can help significantly. Again, getting flakes in your brows is the same issue that occurs on your scalp. So, the same products that work there will also work on eyebrows.

What Products Are Effective?

At DS Laboratories, we have a diverse catalog of clinically tested products for hair health. Some of these can help you with your eyebrow dandruff.

Our Dandrene shampoo and conditions are highly effective options for taking on dandruff. They include tested ingredients such as pyrithione zinc, ursolic acid, pomegranate peel extract and glycolic acid. These help to exfoliate and hydrate the area. In other words, they tackle both your current flaky skin while also protecting it against future flakes.

Applying Dandrene to your eyebrows is a working strategy to overcome dandruff. When combined with some lifestyle changes, this can be your solution to embarrassing flakes in your eyebrows and anywhere else.


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